Mono-chromatic mod

Monochromatic mod

JW Marriott Marco Island 

Very clean lines, very modern, with touches of bling and special touches everywhere you looked. 

From start to finish, this Wedding weekend was all about Guest surprises and experiences. For the Welcome Party, we made an enlarged version of the custom map (from the Invitation) and titled it “You Are Here. Let’s Party” as a selfie wall element. Such a fun way to re-use the map you had made for you!

When guests arrived to the Beach ceremony on Marco Island, they were greeted with a “Brush it Off” or “Bling it On” station. They could accessorize their feet with a selection of anklets and toe rings from the “Bling” area, and could brush off the sand with silver paint brushes and rolled towels in the “Brush” area.

We do love including the Groom’s interests too, and when he is a Golf Pro, you kinda have to build him his own 9-Hole golf course! For the seating chart, we used white astroturf to keep with their color scheme, and installed hooks for acrylic golf ball slices with the guest names and table numbers. It will be a CDE Workshop piece we remember “FORE-ever”

Once guests finally entered the ballroom, they were treated to clean white tables, painted palms, eclectic florals, smokey colored glassware, and metallic silver chairs. When they needed a rest from dancing, they could duck into one of the two Crystal Lounges set up on either side of the white vinyl dance floor.

How do you remind guests of your Brunch the next day (which happens to be Valentines Day) as they are leaving the Wedding? With custom mailboxes and love letter reminders, of course!! I love to keep the surprises coming until the end.

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JW Marriott Marco Island 


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“I knew how great Carrie was, but the thought and care that Carrie put into our wedding just blew me out of the water. No detail was forgotten and it was so evident to me that this is a passion of hers, not just a job.”


-Heather R.

“She made my dream become more of a reality than I could have ever imagined.”