Boho Dreams

Marco Beach Ocean Resort 

I love mixing textiles. this event recipe included copper chairs, wooden tables and white macrame table runners and hanging pendants. 

The best part of a boho-inspired design is that you don’t have to reach too far to find texture to add to the overall look. It is so fun to layer it all together!

For the ceremony, we had guest seating on the far left and right, so they could see the faces of the Bride and Groom. We had a trellis over the couple, with hanging blooms coming from above, raining roses!

The covered terrace at the Marco Beach Ocean Resort was a perfect venue to line up the long farm tables in a row, and contrast the wood with shiny copper chairs. We had some centerpiece designs that included low greenery garlands over macrame table runners, and then our “height” in the room was 2 custom trellis pieces. The trellis element framed the corners of the table, and then had a copper arch that curved inwards for a smaller base on the opposite side. Beautiful, lush, bright-colored florals accented the trellis and we hung fun macrame pendant lights from the top.

Custom monogram printed napkins were laid on each place setting, along with a take-home favor of flavored olive oil.

The showstopper was hands down the hanging cake! We built the “box” to suspend the cake from and covered it in moss and greenery from the inside. A floor of candles pooled on the ground, and the copper, upside down cake was quite the site to behold in person! 

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Marco Beach Ocean Resort


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“I knew how great Carrie was, but the thought and care that Carrie put into our wedding just blew me out of the water. No detail was forgotten and it was so evident to me that this is a passion of hers, not just a job.”


-Heather R.

“She made my dream become more of a reality than I could have ever imagined.”